The aim of the project Care and Income Redistributive Cycles in the Lives of Europeans (CIRCLE) is to provide new empirical evidence of the impact of the interaction between the economic and demographic changes and the welfare systems on the distribution of the resources, rights and responsibilities between generations.

In many EU countries welfare provisions addressed to older people are pay as you go financed and fast population ageing boosts redistribution from the young to the old. However, compensatory mechanisms redistributing resources from the old to the young are often implemented at intra-household level, mainly through inter-vivos transfers and informal care provisions.

The analysis takes both redistributive flows into account and covers a variety of EU welfare state models, giving a strong base for generalizing the results and deriving useful policy implications.

CIRCLE is funded through the Joint Programming Initiative “More Years, Better Lives”  (Joint Transnational Call for proposals 2016 “Welfare, wellbeing and demographic change: understanding welfare models”).

The project started in March 2017 and will last until October 2021. The leading institution is CeRP-Collegio Carlo Alberto.